Friday, November 16, 2007

Sometimes people do things that hurt and it's not because they mean to. They just do. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with you,

but you end up hurt because of it.
(Randy K. Milholland)

Candace Kling
Candy Sampler - Perpetual Indulgence
On display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

When my children were young, it was easy to soothe away any hurts that they had. Most of the time, all it took was a band-aide. A bloody knee -- put a band-aide on it! A bug bite --- put a band-aide on it! Just about everything was able to be fixed with a band-aide.

Of course, there were various types of band-aides (plain, colorful, Disney, etc) and I had the full collection. That was because the type of band-aide needed depended on the severity of the hurt.
For a simple, small, scrape or cut that could be kissed better, a plain everyday band-aide was all it took. A larger, bloody scrape, however, would require at least a Disney Princess band-aide. The Superman band-aides were kept for the truly horrible boo-boos.

When my daughter was about five, she came home from school crying and asking for a band-aide. A Superman band-aide. Naturally I started the immediate panic because after all a Superman-sized boo-boo deserved a little panic. I got out the band-aides, and asked her what hurt. She looked at me and answered, "My feelings."

How in the world do you go about bandaging hurt feelings? I was clueless, but she was quite insistent. She wanted the Superman band-aid for her hurt feelings. After trying to think of an appropriate response, I finally just asked her. It turns out that the band-aid for your hurt feelings gets put just above on your right elbow.

I tell you this because for the past three days I've been walking around with a band-aid on my hurt feelings. It's only a plain band-aid because I couldn't find the superman type. The band-aid, applied with liberal doses of chocolate, seems to be helping.

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