Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other. (Jane Austen)

I don't have a photograph for today. I took photos. Quite a few of them, in fact. The problem is that I didn't realize until later (when I went to upload them to my laptop) that I had forgotten my scan disk in the computer at home. So all of the photos I took are on my camera's internal memory. Which would be fine, except that I can't find the cord to download them off the internal memory.

One of the bloggers that I read, Kristal A, had a wonderful post a while back that has stayed with me. It was a description of a photo that she didn't take, but wanted to. Since then, she's made several "written picture" posts. (Kristal credits Unphotographable for the idea.)

I really enjoy the mental pictures, and have been thinking about doing something like it myself. Today, with my pictures trapped inside my camera, seems to be the perfect time to start.

On the corner, waiting for the light to change colors, was a big black guy on a bike. He was wearing a baseball cap worn backwards and pulled low on his head; big, over sized t-shirt; pants several sizes too large, worn below his waist to show off several colorful pairs of boxers. Even from the distance his clothes looked new and clean. Basically, he looked like any other guy in the neighborhood. What made him memorable was the over-sized tricycle he was sitting on. It was originally one of the "old-lady bikes" with three wheels and a basket in the back for groceries. But it had been pimped out with fancy handlebars and shiny over-sized wheels, putting the seat at least four feet off the ground.

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kristal said...

Sometimes my memories of the moment are better than any photo I could have taken! Great post...