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Monday, November 23, 2009

You can't organize clutter. (Marla Cilley, aka Flylady)

This is what my room looked like Friday morning.

Everything else in the new apartment has been either unpacked, stored, or gotten rid of. It looks good. Until you get to my room. I couldn't find anyplace to put all the sewing materials and scrapbooking supplies (not to mention all the techno-gadgets and office stuff that I tend to collect), and yet I couldn't bear to get rid of any of it. The cardboard boxes piled up along the wall just didn't reek of interior design. I did think that maybe I could use a couple of yards of material and drape a cover over it all, but that was just the desperation talking.

(Luckily the knitting stash has it's own closet now, and the rubber stamps are contained in the library catalog, otherwise the pile of boxes would have been overwhelming.)

Friday evening, since I had an evening without the children around, I ran down to Faith Farm and found this cabinet. There was a sale going on, so I only paid $50 for it.

Of course, I totally forgot that without the children around to help carry it inside, the cabinet had to stay in my jeep. But my daughter and her friends came back home on Saturday, and we managed to get the cabinet up the stairs and into the apartment. Actually, a neighbor took pity on us and helped as well. Otherwise the cabinet would probably still be sitting on my toe in the parking lot.

Since then, I've been emptying boxes one by one and the room looks so much better! I still have to hang some pictures, but I love how much bigger the room is without all the clutter.

In case you were wondering where the clutter went to:

Monday, June 01, 2009

You have to find your song, and sing it. (Gail Blanke)

I mentioned that I'm starting to declutter the house. This is something that I've been talking about doing for years, and yet I never actually get around to doing it. Unless, of course, I'm moving. (Which may be why I move around so much.)

Recently I read through a copy of Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life. Just the title alone was enough to get me motivated. I know I could be the person I want to be, if there wasn't so much stuff getting in the way.

So I'm working my way through the house, with a goal of listing 50 things I've gotten rid of. So far, I've got 9 items on my list. That doesn't sound like much, but I've only done the my bathroom so far. And I'm listing things like "3 bags of old makeup, lotions, and perfumes" as just one item.*

Part of me is tempted to post the list, to keep me honest. The other, more sensitive/sensible part, really doesn't want anyone to know the amount and type of clutter I have in my house. Is there really any benefit to anybody if I admit that I finally threw away the two half bottles of wine that have been sitting on my counter top for over a year?

My goal for this week is to clear out the pantry and sort through the closet (yes, an entire closet!) of kitchen gadgets. I'll let you know next week how "Project 50" is going.

*How in the world does someone who doesn't wear much makeup and is allergic to perfume manage to fill up 3 bags with it?