Saturday, May 23, 2015

Project Kitten: Day 6

Kitten has been with me less than a week, but he's already grown so much. I didn't think to weigh him when he first came home with me, but as of today he's 11 7/8 ounces.

Developmentally he's improved as well. From his reactions to things around us, I can tell he's seeing better than he did in the beginning of the week. His focus is still a little off--he still batts the air when he tries to pet my face. He's walking stronger and even starting to try to climb. 

Missy Gray still will not have anything to do with him, however. In fact, she's progressed (regressed?) from simply ignoring the kitten's existence to actively hissing when she sees the kitten. So now I have to carefully balance my time between the kitten and my cat in order to give both equal affection. Being a foster kitten-mom just got even more complicated!

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