Friday, May 22, 2015

Project Kitten: Day 5

The kitten has found a home!

Here's the rest of the story -- I just couldn't bear to go home after work. I needed a little social time. So I talked my friend Faith into meeting me at our favorite local coffee shop where we could sit outside to knit and chat a bit. Well, it was awfully hot so I asked the barristas if I could sneak the box with the kitten inside. I know it's against the rules, but the kitten was asleep and I promised I would leave him in the box under my table where no one would ever have to know.

Yeah, that didn't last long. It turns out that a kitten, even one hidden in a box under the table, is an attention magnet. Everyone was coming over to ask if I really had a tiny bottle-fed kitten (I had been seen outside with the bottle), and could they please take a peek. People offered advice on raising kittens and cats and on neutering feral ones; told stories of their own cats; and just plain cooed and awed over the sleepy kitten.

One of the barristas kept coming back for "just one more peek." When she overheard me telling another customer that I would be looking for a home for the kitten as soon as he was old enough, she asked if she could have him. So kitten will be going to his new home with Mama Desiree as soon as he's weaned. He's a very lucky kitty!

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