Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Reading List

Books Read in September

167 - 01  Guilty Wives, by James Patterson (9/1)  AUDIOBOOK
168 - 02  The Playboy, by Carly Phillips (9/2)
169 - 03  Harvest Moon, by Robyn Carr (9/2)
170 - 04  Bring Me Home for Christmas, by Robyn Carr (9/4)
171 - 05  Something Missing, by Matthew Dicks (9/6) *After a slow start, I ended up loving this book. I swear I was on Martin's (the main character's) route many years ago. It would have explained so much!
172 - 06  Heart of Dixie, by Tami Hoag (9/7)
173 - 07  Feels Like Home, by Maggie Shayne (9/8)
174 - 08  Paper Roses,  by Amanda Cabot (9/10)
175 - 09  Married by Mistake, by Abby Gaines (9/11)
176 - 10  Homespun Bride,  by Jillian Hart (9/14)
177 - 11  The Magic of Handweaving: The Basics and Beyond, by Sigrid Piroch (9/16)
178 - 12  Blue Skies,  by Robyn Carr (9/16) 
179 - 13  Paradise Valley, by Robyn Carr (9/17)
180 - 14   Woodrose Mountain,  by RaeAnne Thayne (9/18)
181 - 15  The Best Defense, by Kate Wilhelm (9/20) AUDIOBOOK
182 - 16  That Summer Place, by Susan Wiggs (9/21)
183 - 17  Simply Irresistible, by Jill Shalvis  (9/23)
184 - 18  Whispering Rock, by Robyn Carr (9/25)
185 - 19  A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore (9/27)
186 - 20  Love Me if You Dare, by Carly Phillips (9/28)
187 - 21  Heart of Texas Vol. 2, by Debbie Macomber (9/29)
188 - 22 The Ideal Man, by Julie Garwood (9/30)
189 - 23  Unfinished Business, by Nora Roberts (9/30)

I have added "The Magic of Handweaving" to my wishlist. I think it would be a tremendous reference in my fiber library. I wouldn't recommend it to a complete beginner, but it's great for someone like me who has done a few projects and is ready to step up. Piroch has included some really amazingly detailed  how-to photos.Unfortunately, some things are just glossed over and the reader is left to figure them out on her own. It's inconsistent, and at times frustrating. I enjoyed the inter spaced historical and cultural references, and the pictured examples of various weaving projects were inspiring.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Official Count

Over on the Fiberistas board in, we've started a special incentive for people (like me!) who have a bunch of WIPs. Anyone can join in. Just let us know how many unfinished projects you currently have. Then every time you finish a project, post it in that thread. Each project will get you one entry in the drawing at the end of the year. We're still working out what the prizes are -- I suggested a bag full of the projects I don't end up finishing, but that was quickly nixed. I'm sure we'll come up with some real, nice prizes.

I finished going through all my boxes and bags and hiding places, and I have a final count of my unfinished projects. I am counting projects that I haven't actually cast on, if I've bought the yarn AND have a specific pattern for it AND a recipient AND an occasion. In other words, if I should have already finished the project, even if I haven't cast on, then it's an unfinished project in my mind. (I also have a long list of queued projects - things I want to make "someday" that I either don't have the yarn for yet AND/OR I don't have someone specific to knit it for. Those queued projects were not included in the count.)

So are you ready for the final number?  I wasn't. I'm still not. I have friends who are monogamous knitters. I'm obviously a fiber slut, with 40 unfinished projects.

      1. Cabled Casey cotton shawl
      2.  Sampler Sock Blanket
      3. Pink and gray baby sweater - only needs the buttons sewn on/baby has already outgrown it!
      4. Plarn doormats
      5. Earth colorway lace shawl with beads - not started yet
      6. Striped toy- need this for Christmas
      7. Candy print baby sweater - not started yet
      8. Monster pants - this is a promised gift that hasn't been started yet
      9. Ryan's arm warmers - he's already finished his tour of duty, sigh
      10. Silver potato chip scarf
      11. Black stocking socks - not started yet/need it for Christmas
      12. Prayer shawl
      13. Animal hat - not started yet/need it for Christmas
      14. Wheat wool hat - not started yet/need it for Christmas
      15. Sheep sweater - just needs to been seamed and button band knit
      16. 12x12 square - not started and the deadline is approaching quickly!
      17. Pink chemo cap - not started yet
      18. Rose chemo cap - not started yet
      19. Skype socks in Jojo - not started yet
      20. Modea baby hat
      21. Woven towel sets - just need to be hemmed & 1 dishcloth knit
      22. Christmas towel sets - not started yet, but obviously needed for Christmas
      23. Cari's yarn to be untangled
      24. grey baby bib - only needs the button and patches sewn on
      25. girly baby bib  - only needs a button
      26. lime shawlette - needs to be blocked
      27. blue shawlette - needs to be blocked
      28. February Lady Sweater
      29. Mystery Shawl
      30. Baby Bib with flower buttons - only needs the buttons sewn on
      31. French Press Slippers - need to seam and felt
      32. Universal Tunic - not started yet
      33. Aeolean Shawl
      34. Kingdom Gloves - need it for Christmas
      35. Handspun Peacock Shawl - yarn finished, need to knit
      36. Baby Surprise Jacket - need to finish yarn and then knit
      37. Handspun Brown Silk Shawl - need to spin and knit
      38. Blue T-Shirt Sweater - not started yet
      39. NYC Socks - started, but I'll probably frog and start over
      40. Paula's drop spindle yarn