Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Official Count

Over on the Fiberistas board in, we've started a special incentive for people (like me!) who have a bunch of WIPs. Anyone can join in. Just let us know how many unfinished projects you currently have. Then every time you finish a project, post it in that thread. Each project will get you one entry in the drawing at the end of the year. We're still working out what the prizes are -- I suggested a bag full of the projects I don't end up finishing, but that was quickly nixed. I'm sure we'll come up with some real, nice prizes.

I finished going through all my boxes and bags and hiding places, and I have a final count of my unfinished projects. I am counting projects that I haven't actually cast on, if I've bought the yarn AND have a specific pattern for it AND a recipient AND an occasion. In other words, if I should have already finished the project, even if I haven't cast on, then it's an unfinished project in my mind. (I also have a long list of queued projects - things I want to make "someday" that I either don't have the yarn for yet AND/OR I don't have someone specific to knit it for. Those queued projects were not included in the count.)

So are you ready for the final number?  I wasn't. I'm still not. I have friends who are monogamous knitters. I'm obviously a fiber slut, with 40 unfinished projects.

      1. Cabled Casey cotton shawl
      2.  Sampler Sock Blanket
      3. Pink and gray baby sweater - only needs the buttons sewn on/baby has already outgrown it!
      4. Plarn doormats
      5. Earth colorway lace shawl with beads - not started yet
      6. Striped toy- need this for Christmas
      7. Candy print baby sweater - not started yet
      8. Monster pants - this is a promised gift that hasn't been started yet
      9. Ryan's arm warmers - he's already finished his tour of duty, sigh
      10. Silver potato chip scarf
      11. Black stocking socks - not started yet/need it for Christmas
      12. Prayer shawl
      13. Animal hat - not started yet/need it for Christmas
      14. Wheat wool hat - not started yet/need it for Christmas
      15. Sheep sweater - just needs to been seamed and button band knit
      16. 12x12 square - not started and the deadline is approaching quickly!
      17. Pink chemo cap - not started yet
      18. Rose chemo cap - not started yet
      19. Skype socks in Jojo - not started yet
      20. Modea baby hat
      21. Woven towel sets - just need to be hemmed & 1 dishcloth knit
      22. Christmas towel sets - not started yet, but obviously needed for Christmas
      23. Cari's yarn to be untangled
      24. grey baby bib - only needs the button and patches sewn on
      25. girly baby bib  - only needs a button
      26. lime shawlette - needs to be blocked
      27. blue shawlette - needs to be blocked
      28. February Lady Sweater
      29. Mystery Shawl
      30. Baby Bib with flower buttons - only needs the buttons sewn on
      31. French Press Slippers - need to seam and felt
      32. Universal Tunic - not started yet
      33. Aeolean Shawl
      34. Kingdom Gloves - need it for Christmas
      35. Handspun Peacock Shawl - yarn finished, need to knit
      36. Baby Surprise Jacket - need to finish yarn and then knit
      37. Handspun Brown Silk Shawl - need to spin and knit
      38. Blue T-Shirt Sweater - not started yet
      39. NYC Socks - started, but I'll probably frog and start over
      40. Paula's drop spindle yarn

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