Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience. (Stanislaw J. Lec)

Random Notes:

Today was a "late start" day for the high schools because of mid-term exams. So I had PJ with me at work, with the intention of running him down the road to the train station at 9:45 to catch the later train. We had barely gotten to the office when Becky called in a panic; the bird had escaped again and she was afraid to pick it up. PJ and I had to go back to the house to try to save the bird. On the way we stopped at a nearby pet store for a new "escape-proof" cage. (Note to self: keep emergency knitting in the van just in case you have to wait in a parking lot for 15 minutes for a store to open...) We managed to corner the bird, transfer cages, and still get PJ to the train on time.

We had a volunteer come in to the program today, and I really enjoyed talking with her. She's a former teacher who recently became a widow. She sat in the back office working on a bulk mailing project, and we were able to chat a bit. She reminded me a lot of Mrs. Holland, my grandmother's friend of many years.

I've finally figured out how to operate the MP3 player that came with my laptop two years ago, and I spent the afternoon listening to Socks in the City podcasts. I'm not sure if this is just an enabler to my yarn addiction, or an addiction in itself. Either way, I'm off to listen to the next episode.

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