Thursday, January 03, 2008

The great thing about human language is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand. (Lewis Thomas)

It was about 8 o'clock when I decided to jump online to brag about my latest knitting project. I decided that tonight I would get to bed early, since I'm still worn out from the sinus-ickies. That's all I wanted to do, just post a quick picture. Okay, and also to update my bank account to make sure that I had enough money before I mailed out the bills tomorrow. And since I did, to go ahead and order that pattern I want with my Christmas money. Which of course wasn't in stock, so I had to hunt around to see if anyone else had it. Nobody did, although I found several yarns I wouldn't mind ordering. Only I was very good and resisted temptation (only because my daughter, who has become as knitting-obsessed as I am, is coming home tomorrow and we're planning on hitting the local yarn store while she's here). And speaking of my daughter, she happened to be online, so I started chatting with her. And she got me side-tracked (see, you knew it was going to be all your fault, darling!), and I almost forgot to post. But then I had to find the perfect quote to use, and the randomizer kept coming up with better and better ideas. And while I was reading I remembered that I hadn't emailed my cousin yet. And since I was in the emails, I had better read them all. And answer what I could. And oh yeah, I was going to post something. But as long as I'm uploading the picture, I might as well stick it in Ravelry. And it wouldn't take but a minute to glance at the forums to see if anything interesting is going on. Wouldn't you know that tonight there are several active threads that I've needed to respond to.

And now it's already almost midnight, and I guess I'm not going to get to bed early. Or even make a semi-thoughtful post. Sorry.

But isn't the hat pretty?

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