Friday, January 25, 2008

People who like this sort of thng will find this the sort of thing they like. (Abraham Lincoln)

The Good
  • I finished the first of the Ch'ear'ful socks. And I've just got the toe to do on the second. I might actually finish the two pairs in time to mail them off on schedule. Maybe.
  • I found another podcast that I like (well, except for the episode about the security guard). Knitwit does quick little stories that remind me of sitting with a friend swapping tales -- hey, do you remember the time...
  • I just got my second "heart" in Ravelry. It's very exciting to find something that I've made is marked as a favorite of somebody. And it's even more exciting that the somebody who likes my work isn't even my daughter that I made the items for.

The Bad
  • I forgot to take a photo today. So I had to choose between doing without (again!) or using an older picture. I need to get back on track with the photography. Considering that this started off as a photo blog, I'm really getting off track.
  • My computer is still acting wonky. I did a full virus scan, and that was fine. But Excel is acting very odd and I'm not sure where to turn next. Unfortunately, it was my oldest who had all the geek friends. While I like the friends my younger two have, none of them are capable of fixing my computer for me. (And I do miss my daughter for more than her geekdom.)

The Ugly
  • Work was interesting today. And that's all I'm going to say about it.

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