Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Reading List

Books Read in July

104 - 01 The Knitting Diaries,  by Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, and Christina Skye (7/2)
105 - 02 Not My Daughter, by Barbara Delinsky (7/8)
106 - 03 Deal Me In, by CynthiaThomason (7/9)
107 - 04 Running Hot, by Jayne Ann Krentz (7/10)
108 - 05 The Doctor's Blessing, by Patricia Davids (7/11)
109 - 06 The Untamed Bride, by Stephanie Laurens (7/12)
110 - 07 Beauty and the Beast, by Taylor Ryan (7/13)
111 - 08 A Silent Fury, by Lynette Eason (7/14)
112 - 09 Smoke Screen, by Stephanie Newton (7/16)
113 - 10 The Pursuit, by Johanna Lindsey (7/18)
114 - 11 Taken by the Prince, by Christina Dodd (7/18)
115 - 12 Write Now, by Karin L. Russell (7/19) textbook
116 - 13 It Happened One Night, by Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, and Candice Hern (7/20)
117 - 14 Logged On and Tuned Out, by Vicki Courtney (7/21)
118 - 15 Dangerous in Diamonds, by Madeline Hunter (7/22)
119 - 16 Create an Organized Life, by Marcia Zina Mager (7/22)
120 - 17 Dirty Deeds, by Suzanne Price (7/26)
121 - 18 Heart of Evil,  by Heather Graham (7/29)

The Doctor's Blessing, by Patricia Davids, was a quick "Love Inspired" romance. I think it took an entire hour to read. It stands out, though, for the fibromyalgia reference. One of the very minor characters keeps coming into the clinic with different complaints. First her head hurts, then her arm, then her left heel and right toe. This becomes a running joke, both with the main characters in the book as well as between the author and reader. However, the woman is finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and we learn that she really had been suffering. The situation is so true for those of us with this condition!

Heart of Evil, by Heather Graham, was one of the books my daughter gave me. On the front of the book it's noted: "Not For Sale. Advance Uncorrected Proofs." Inside, on the title page, it's signed: "Sandi~Hey! Best wishes and happy hauntings! Heather Graham." Is that cool, or what. The book itself is a mystery-romance. Actually, more of a mystery that happens to have romance in it. There is also a lot of civil war history and a couple of ghosts. I enjoyed reading it. 

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