Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm falling by the wayside

 I haven't been making a lot of progress on my 50x50 list. Here's a quick update, just to keep me honest.

1. Lose 100 lbs (lose 5 lbs per month). - I don't think I want to talk about this one. Not only have I failed to lose 5 pounds a month, I've actually gained a couple of pounds this past month. I'm blaming it on the depression. I've heard people say, "When I'm upset, I can't eat a thing." Not me. Sigh. I seriously need to do something about this goal. Soon. 

2. Exercise regularly for 3 months.- If I were working on this goal, I probably would be doing better with the first goal. I had a good excuse for not exercising in May/June (medical problems), but it's time I got serious and started to do something.

5. Declutter  my bedroom - This has been done! Yeah for me! Is it perfect? No. But it is definitely better than it's been in a long time. I'm happy.

6. Declutter the living room, including the book shelves. - Clearing up the bookcase was the hardest part about decluttering the living room. I decided to limit the books to what actually fit on the bookcase shelves, which meant getting rid of a lot of books. While Cari was down we took the cast-offs to the used bookstore, where we used the credit to get more books. But everything still fits on the bookcase, and the living room is looking "company ready."

12. Write 50 thank you notes. (Works out to 3 per month) - I haven't done any of these. I should have, since it might have made me feel better about life.

14. Organize my papers and receipts. - Done!

16. Finish or frog the 10 existing WIPs.- I'm trying to stick to the plan and knit the existing projects first. Honest. But did you see that new pattern...

17. Take a wine class. - I did this!

18. Win the lottery - or at least buy a ticket every paycheck for a year. - I'm trying to win. It would be a lot easier if I had a paycheck and the money to actually buy tickets. (I'm really going to hate it if the numbers I pick out "just for practice" each week actually win.)

19. Send out birthday cards for a year. - I sent out birthday cards in May, and then missed getting the June cards out. Sigh. I'm going to try to get July greetings mailed in the next couple of days.

21. Save all my change until the 50th - Does it count if I put the change in the jar each evening, then raid it every couple of days in desperation? I really, really need to find a job soon.

23. Start recycling at home (for at least 3 months). - I set up a rubbermaid box in June for the recycling. I keep two trash bags in the box; one for plastics and metals, and one for paper. I like the rubbermaid box because (1) I already had an empty one that I could use, instead of having to buy new trash cans and (2) it has a lid that the dog can't get off. The kids aren't really on board yet. We have valet trash, which means that we can set out the garbage just outside our door and they take it away each day. But we have to take the recycling bags to the dumpster area ourselves. I'm lobbying to get the complex to include recycling with the valet trash, but so far there isn't a lot of interest.

24. Implement a plan to keep the house clean. (Keep up with it for at least 3 months.) - Since I'm out of work, I felt like I had no excuse not to be working on this goal. The house has been clean enough for drop-in company for 6 weeks now. Too bad company never drops in to see it.

25. Fix 5 new recipes for dinner. (Cupcakes don't count.) - The other night, out of desperation, I made Pasta with Garlic and Oil. I thought it was pretty good, but then I love garlic. PJ liked it, but Becca refused to eat it after the first taste. Although the reviews were split, my vote wins it and this stays on as a permanent choice for dinner.

38. Don't complain for 1 full week - I hope nobody's counting on me actually accomplishing this one.

41. Change my job. - Still working on this one. I thought the economy was getting better and that there were jobs out there. Apparently I'm both over-qualified and under-qualified.  I'm tired of being out of work and out of money.

45. Take a class. - I think going back to school (full-time, online) for a degree in Accounting counts for this. I received an A in my first class (Intro to computers) and I'm in the middle of my second class (English Comp). It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I'm enjoying it.

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