Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Everyone celebrates in their own unique way. This year, my way was blueberry pancakes for dinner, followed by a glass of my favorite port for dessert. Please don't judge. At least it was red, white, and blue.

The Macchia Port Dangerous (2007)  is one of the wines I purchased at the Wine 101 class back in May. It really is a wonderful wine. I will be buying another bottle, since this one was finished up tonight. Produced by California's Linsteadt Vineyard in Armador County (in the Sierra foothills), the Dangerous Port is made with zifendal grapes. (I really don't understand the significance of some of what I just said, but it's stuff that wine-lovers are supposed to know.)

To me, Dangerous Port is a very fruity, sweet drink with a spicy twist. It should be served warm - and trust me on this. The bottle was accidentally put in the refrigerator, so my first few sips were chilled. The port was much better after I had left it sitting on the table for a while; it had a much rounder taste. It makes a wonderful dessert on its own, but it is even better paired with dark chocolate.

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