Thursday, July 28, 2011

The spicier, the better!

We had a busy day today. I took Becca over to take the last of her placement tests, and then she was able to register for classes. Let me tell you, they really don't make it easy. When I registered at Keiser, it was a very easy process. I was able to talk with my counselor and she was able to help me through the process. I'm even able to chit-chat with my financial aid officer. Like I said, it's an easy process. But at PBSC, it's almost impossible to speak to anyone higher than a receptionist. Everything is online, and you're expected to use your homepage to figure things out. It got very frustrating. We finally got lucky, and Becca has her classes all set for the fall semester. Best of all, they're all paid for!

When we came home, I felt like cooking. I don't know why. So I made a pot of chili. Spicy, of course, because that's the way I like it. And then I decided to make tortillas to go with it. Coggie had talked about homemade tortillas on her podcast, and that reminded me how much I liked homemade tortillas. I haven't made them in years, though.

They're very easy to make. You will need to buy masa harina. I found it on the baking aisle, near the flours. You just mix 2 cups of the masa harina with 1 1/2 cups of water and a little salt. I needed to add a little extra water. But be careful, because it doesn't take much. You just want the dough to form. It helps to mix it with your hands. Once you have a soft dough, divide it into 16 pieces.

Form each of the pieces into a ball, and then flatten. It's best if you have a tortilla press. Coggie suggested just flattening them between your palms, since she doesn't have a press. I found that putting the ball between two pieces of wax paper and using a plate to flatten it worked really well. I got nice, evenly thin tortillas.

Then you just cook the tortilla on a hot griddle, for about 50 seconds per side. I kept them warm (and flexible) by putting a kitchen towel over the plate of finished tortillas.

I was impressed by how well they turned out. And how quick it was to make them myself.

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