Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm hiding in a hermit cave

Contrary to popular belief, misery does not love company. Misery much prefers to wallow hidden away and alone, at least in my case. It's easier to hang on to the notion that you're unloved and unlovable that way.

Yeah, depression is out in full force today.

It started this morning when I attended a resume workshop at the Workforce Alliance. I've had such little luck in my job hunt that I decided to take advantage of the help offered by the state, even though I know how to write a good resume and cover letter. Except that apparently I don't know how to write a good resume. Thanks to the computer age, which I mistakenly thought I was keeping up with, resumes have different key words and are expected to be tailored to the individual application. Even thought I have a well-written, beautifully formatted resume on good quality paper, it's probably not getting passed along to the company decision-makers. In fact, scanning programs are probably dumping it into the computer's trash bin before any human eyes can read it. Sigh. One more thing thing that I thought I was good out, tossed out the window with the rest of my dreams. (I did mention that I was depressed, didn't I?)

But at least I still have knitting.

Ha! Just take a look at the plain vanilla socks I just finished knitting. I was feeling very proud of them, since I did it from memory only. I even managed to knit short row heels, which are not my usual style of heels. Do you see the problem?

You probably noticed it right away. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it until after I finished kitchenering the toe and I had woven in the ends.

Yup. I have a dropped stitch way back, just before I started the heels. Somehow I had picked up a stitch so that the count was correct as I finished the sock. But the originally-dropped stitch is just sitting there, waiting to unravel. If that was the only problem, I could just go in with a scrap piece of yarn and sew a stitch or two to catch it. But then there is the problem of the hole left with the short row heel. The other side of this sock, and the other sock, have perfect heels. It's just this one spot that I didn't wrap the stitches well enough to prevent the hole. Again, I could go in and fudge it closed. If there was only one problem or the other, that's what I would do. But with two problems on one sock, I'd never be totally happy with them. I definitely can't even think of giving them to somebody as I had planned.

So I frogged the pair. I unravelled a totally finished pair of socks, just because of two stupid little mistakes that probably wouldn't have made me cry on any other day. But drastic moods lead to drastic solutions, and the pair has been frogged.

I'm turning in my Ninja-knitter badge, along with  my sense-and-sensibility patch. I'll be off finishing the open bottle of wine, and looking for secret stashes of chocolate. I'd invite you to the pity-party, but there arent enough tissues to go around.
 * ~ * ~ *
Blanket Update:
172 squares in 200 days
(Status: I'm still behind. But 16 squares in one week is still pretty good.)

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