Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's the same things again. Sigh.

I thought I would do a quick update on my 50 by 50 list, and I've realized that I'm stuck still working on the same things. I really need to pick a couple of the other items and get them done. Otherwise, I'm going to be scrambling to fit everything in at the last minute. (Which is my usual MO, but who really wants to admit that?)
Anyway, here are the items I can update:

2. Exercise regularly for 3 months

The truth is, I hate to exercise. Really. Obviously.

I keep thinking that as obsessive-compulsive as I can be (just look at my knitting or my organized work habits), I should be able to come up with some activity that I can obsess over in order to get fit. The problem is that it has to be free, since I don't have any money at all right now to spend on memberships or even supplies. (I found a water aerobics class nearby, but even the $5 per class is out of my range right now.) It also has to be Florida-friendly. Because face it, it's really hot outside so any activities (like biking, or hiking) are going to be uncomfortable, especially since I'm very overweight and actually sweat. (I didn't used to sweat, when I was younger and thinner. Strange, but true.) And it has to be something that I won't feel like a complete idiot in front of people. (My neighborhood offers free Zumba lessons, which are actually fun. But when you're the elephant clomping around in a room full of hip-swinging size 2 physically fit bodies - it's embarrassing.) My daughter suggested yoga, which has possibilities. And there are some yoga sessions available on Direct TV that I'm thinking of trying. But I really need to find something that makes me want to treat daily exercise sessions as if they're skeins of sock yarn.

I did sign up for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. The deal is that you are active for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for at least 6 out of 8 weeks in order to get the award. It can be any activity you would like to do. I've signed up as an individual, which will hopefully give some motivation to getting out there and doing something. If anyone would like to get involved, let me know. We can set up a group and cheer each other on.

14. Organize my papers and receipts

In my last 50 by 50 update, I misspoke. This item was reported as having been done. Actually, most of it was done. But "most" is not "all," so I lied. I did organize the papers that were on my desk in in my box of "file these someday, maybe-please." But when I went to reconcile my July bank statement, I found out that I had only reconciled through April 2011. Oops. This is not a good thing. And it's probably not something a person studying to become a CPA should admit to. There are also a couple of boxes of files in my closet that I wanted to go through and try to consolidate. So I'm putting this back on the list of items, and it's back on my task list. Drats.

15. Give up soda for 1 month.

I actually did this back in March. I managed to stay away from sodas for almost 3 months. But the past couple of weeks I've been backsliding. I had one soda because it was cold and I was thirsty, and the next thing I know I'm drinking an entire case in just a couple of days. I think the only reason I'm not completely hooked back on colas is that I just don't have the money to be buying cases of it every week. So I'm going to do the responsible, mature thing and give it up now before it gets a chance to become a problem.

19. Birthday Cards

After sending out cards in May, I managed to miss all the June and July birthdays. I'm making a list, and my goal is to start this again in August. With apologizes to all my friends and family who were bone in June and July. I'll remember you next year!

25. Fix 5 new recipes for dinner.

I haven't done as much baking and cooking as I would like. Even though I have the time, I don't really have the money to go out and buy "exotic" ingredients. And by exotic, I mean anything that isn't either on sale or normally in my cupboard. But I have become addicted to several food blogs. It started with the cupcake blogs, and progressed to cookie bloggers. Now I'm starting to be attracted to other food blogs. The result is that I have a long list of recipes I want to try, once I can go shopping again. I did try one new recipe, Egyptian Pea Stew, and it was wonderful. Very easy to make, although I think I need to do a little more research to learn how to properly "caramelize" the tomatoes. This is definitely going to be on my "make again" list.

41. Change my job.

Just in case you didn't catch it, what with all the whining I've been doing about finances, I'm still looking for a job. It's getting very discouraging. It's so bad, I've been applying at fast food places and practicing saying, "Do you want fries with that?" (I know a lot of people who have good jobs in the fast food industry. But they've been in it since they were much younger than I am, and they're mostly management by now. I'm only whining about having to resort to this because I'm way too old to have to start way back at the very beginning. Not to mention that I'm losing the competition for the jobs against high school kids!)

And that's about all I have managed to get done on my 50 by 50.

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