Sunday, July 03, 2011

Medical term: the heebie-jeebies

I need to learn to meditate.

For the past several weeks I've been driven crazy by a mysterious rash that is covering my body. It gets so itchy that all I can do is scratch until I'm bleeding. We thought bugs, so I've been staying inside. Then we thought allergies, so I've been tracking everything I eat, touch, and smell. We also thought I was nuts, so we blamed it on the fibromyalgia. (Actually, the fibro is partly to blame.)

The itching gets so bad  at times that I'm tempted to take a knife and cut the rash out of my body. I probably would have done it, too, except that I only have cheap kitchen knives with dull blades.

It turns out that it's a stress rash. And I'm not supposed to itch it. Camomile compresses were recommended, except that I react badly to camomile. So it's ice packs to keep from scratching, and meditation to lower the stress.

(I was hoping for chocolate and wine to deal with the stress, but apparently these only make it worse. Which I totally don't understand!)


Paula L said...

if you have issues with chamomile, try Aveeno?

Sandi said...

I wanted to thank Paula and Jan (who messaged me privately) for their suggestions. My bathtub has become the get-away spot whenever I start to get upset. I don't think my skin is ever going to un-prune!