Thursday, July 07, 2011

Not My Daughter

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I've been reading Not My Daughter, by Barbara Delinsky and it is a wonderful kniterary novel. I hadn't expected it to have anything to do with knitting. My mom had read the book and was quite upset by it. Since she had such a strong reaction, I had to read it.

It's the story of three high school girls who make a pact to get pregnant. Naively, they believe that because they planned their pregnancies, everything will work out the way they want it to. Being teenagers, they never considered the impact their pact would have on their families and their community. The book centers on the mothers of these teenagers and how they come to terms with their daughters' decision and the consequences it has for everyone.

Throughout the book, the mothers and the daughters connect through their knitting. There are even Saturday mornings spent dying wool! Best of all, the knitting and the wool are just as commonplace in the story as making dinner. A nice change from other knitting-based stories I've suffered  through lately. (NOT that I'm going to stop reading the junk-knits any more than I'll ever completely give up knitting with acrylic even though the alpaca or bamboo blends are so much nicer.)

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