Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I just need enough to tide me over until I need more. (Bill Hoest)

Walkcloth #1
I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with my knitting. I spent a lot of time this week working on the You-Know-It's-Going-To-End-Up-A-Dog-Bed-Someday Blanket, trying to catch up on my 2011 goal of one square a day. I haven't managed to keep up with any of my other knitting goals (like the one that says I'm not going to start any new projects until all the old WIPs are finally finished). So I don't know why it's so important that I keep up with the square-a-day goal. Although really, I have a better chance of catching up with the squares than I do finishing all the WIPs.

The good news is that I knit 12 squares this past week. The bad news is that in order to be caught up, I need to knit 30 squares this week (or 4.25 squares a day). Sigh.

I have to confess that I did start a pair of socks. If you will indulge me in a little self-serving logic, socks don't count as a new project. I need to have a pair of socks (or sometimes a preemie cap for charity) as my pocketbook knitting. Pocketbook knitting does not count, since it's purpose is to allow me to carry around a small project for those times when I have to wait in the car or in line, or any other time that I need to keep my hands busy so I don't lose my mind.

So anyway, I started a pair of socks. I'm knitting Cookie A's Hedera pattern, using yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarn. It's the Envy colorway, which is probably a little more variegated than I thought. (In the skein, it looked more tonal than a real variegation.) I almost frogged it, since Cookie A's patterns look so much better in solids or semi-solids. But this color has grown on me, and I think it's going to work.

My new sock goal, by the way, is to knit every pattern in Cookie A's book, Knit.Sock. Love. Hedera is the first pattern, and that's why I cast them on. The good news is that I have enough solid/semi-solid yarn in my stash to knit 12 of the 19 patterns in the book.

The only project I finished was a dishcloth that I knit during my morning walks. I've already started number two. (These don't count as new projects, either. Just for the record. The "walkcloths" are incentives to exercise and are therefore not really WIPs.)

 * ~ * ~ *
Blanket Update:
184 squares in 207 days
(Status: I will catch up. I will catch up. I will catch up. Maybe.)

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