Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday morning wine

Over the weekend I opened the bottle of Conundrum that's been chilling in my refrigerator since May. (Has it really been that long?) I had purchased this bottle after my Wine 101 class on the recommendation of the instructor. My question to her had been, "Is there anyway to keep a bottle of wine from going 'off' if you don't drink it all the first two days, since I'm the only one in my house that would be drinking?"  I hate to buy a bottle of wine for myself, knowing that I'm going to be wasting most of the bottle.

Her solution was for me to buy a smaller half-bottle with one of the new Stelvin screw caps. After I drank that bottle, she said for me to wash out the bottle and save it. Then when I opened a bottle with a cork, I could use a funnel and transfer half of it into the smaller bottle to be saved. The screw cap would keep the wine good for a longer time period.

So I bought the Conundrum mainly for the bottle. Which is kind of funny because I took the class so that I wouldn't be buying wines just because of the bottle. But she had assured me that Conundrum was a pretty good white wine (I like whites) and it would be a good possibility as my personal "house" wine.

Well, she was right that it was a pretty good wine. The Conundrum, out of California, is a blend of chardonnay, viognier, muscat, and sauvignon blanc grapes. It's a nice crisp white. I thought it had a nice floral aroma, and a bright floral taste with maybe a little lemon and an herb finish. According to reviews, there's a bit of honeysuckle in the aroma and a taste of honey, but I didn't catch that. And even though it was good, and would be very nice sitting out by the pool on a hot day, it isn't going to make it on my list of favorites.

And by the way, I had found a bottle stopper at Williams-Sonoma that has a great seal so I don't need to transfer the wine in order to save it.

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