Sunday, August 14, 2011

You will need to find your passion. Don't give up on finding it because then all you're doing is waiting for the Reaper. (Randy Pausch)

Meet my new loom. It's a table top, rigid heddle loom. And that's really all I know about it.

To be truthful, I'm only guessing at the rigid heddle part. It sounded good, though, didn't it. Almost like I knew something about weaving.

But I am very excited about it. I've wanted a loom of my own for a long time. And now I have two. (There's a floor loom that was also given to me, but I couldn't get it home in my car. I'll be picking that one up later this week.)

The looms came with a whole bunch of accessories. I've got to find someone to teach me, since I don't recognize any of this. I'm not even sure which loom these parts go with. But I'm going to have a blast trying to figure it all out.

I really am excited. I want to start playing with it right now. Only I can't, because the warping board stayed behind with the floor loom. (See. I actually do know some of this weaving stuff.)

Along with the two looms, I was also given a stash of yarn for warping the looms.

Lots and lots of yarn. Just for the looms. 

 Yeah, life is good.

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