Sunday, August 07, 2011

Empty Nest

If I had thought to take a "Before" picture, this corner of my son's room would be filled with electronics: a big screen TV, video games, a tower filled with movies and games, etc. Now it's just a dusty corner in desperate need of a vacuum.

My son moved into his first apartment today. I want to be happy for him. It's an exciting rite of passage. It's something that I knew was coming someday, and that I encouraged. I just wasn't prepared to find out on Saturday night that he was leaving on Sunday. I'm hurt that he involved his father in the process, but left me completely out of the loop until the last minute.

Plus I already miss him.

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Paula L said...

It's not Empty Nest! It's one step closer to your own life.

My mom spent a good amount of time telling my brother and I about how she had us so young so that when we were old and moved out she could have a life of her own.

You'll worry, it's what parents do, having kids is kin to having your heart walk around outside your body and having to let it go, but you're also one step closer to the freedom of NOT having to worry.

love you =D