Monday, November 30, 2009

You always find things you didn't know you were going to say, and that is the adventure of writing. (John Updike)

I'm very proud of myself. I've written 31 posts in 31 days (I'm counting Oct. 31st, even if it wasn't officially NaBloPoMo yet). Some of my posts were better than others. And a few of my posts were total cheats, written only so that I wouldn't have to drop out of NaBloPoMo. And occasionally I even wrote something worth reading.

In addition, I've started to step out and interact with others a little more. I failed IComLeavWe; I didn't managed to leave six comments every day during the week. I think I probably left about a dozen total. But that was a dozen writers that I reached out to, and patted on the back. There are a dozen bloggers who knew, for at least one moment, someone was paying attention. I know, because people were kind enough to leave me a comment and tell me that they were paying attention to me, at least for a moment. I still find the idea of blogging as an interaction between the writer and reader a bit scary. It's much more comfortable to sit alone at my laptop and write for myself. But while I probably won't join IComLeavWe again, I probably will continue to push myself to interact by commenting.

Although NaBloPoMo is officially over for the year, I'm curious to see if I can continue to post daily. I've been told that the best way to become a better writer is to simply write.
Write regularly, day in and day out, at whatever times of day you find that you write best. Don't wait till you feel that you are in the mood. Write, whether you are feeling inclined to write or not.
(Arnold J. Toynbee)
Anyone want to start a pool on how long I can last?

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