Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


1. My mom, my sister's family, and my cousins Chris and Melissa came to dinner. It was wonderful! (Don't tell, but I helped the girls cheat at cards.)

2. Dinner was a success. As usual there was way too much food. We ended up with a turkey, and a ham. Not to mention all the side items and desserts. Best of all, the dishes are already done and the house still looks good.

3. There's pie for breakfast tomorrow!


1. Cari wasn't able to come home for the holiday. I knew she wouldn't be able to; we haven't had her home for Thanksgiving for the past several years. But I still miss her.

2. I ended up with a headache. I want to poke a sharp stick in my eye; the meds aren't working fast enough!


1. I didn't take any pictures today. I used to have the camera permanently attached to my hand. Lately, I don't even bother carrying it in my purse. But there's no excuse to miss out on pictures of a family gathering. I need to start using the camera again.

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