Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whatcha listening to?

At our knitting group, a friend and I got to talking about the different podcasts we listen to. Now that I'm commuting to work (my drive can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour each way, depending on the whims of traffic), I've been listening to even more podcasts.

Some of my long-time favorites podcasts have ended. Meaghan of Stitch It! recently decided to spend more time with her family and less time recording. I've listened to her for so long that I felt like I was losing a friend when she made  the announcement. There have been a few other podcasts that have just faded off this past year.

Luckily, there are several new shows that I've found. And surprisingly, not all of them are knitting. Here's a brief summary of what's on my ipod. By the way, all of the podcasts can be found on itunes.


The High Fiber Diet Podcast - This was the second podcast I've found, and by now I feel like Coggie and Sarge are members of my family. Lately there's been a bit of language that bothers me (I have my own little soapbox, and Sarge has gotten me up on it a few times), but I just can't let go. Family is family. Besides, Coggie is funny, informative, and I love her style.

Knit Obsession with Zknits - She's only putting out a show every month or so, but it's worth catching them when they come out.

Knitting Brooklyn - This is a brand-new podcast. She talks about knitting, spinning, and anything else that pops into her head. My big negative on this is that she refers too much to other podcasts - I don't listen to the same ones that she does and even if I did I'm not sure I want to hear her talk about them. I'd rather hear her own stuff. On the other hand,  I love that she's so close to where my daughter is - I recognize many of the places she talks about. So I may stick with it.

Knitting Pipeline - Paula talks about knitting, nature and bagpipes. Plus she actually met Elizabeth Zimmermann. (How cool is that?)

Subway Knits - A knitting podcast by a NYC teacher - how could I not love it?

Never Not Knitting - This is an extremely well-done knitting podcast by an extremely talented designer.


Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase - Although I didn't read her book, I've always enjoyed Betty's stories that she's collected while working as a flight attendant.

The Crush - This is one of my two wine podcasts. I've learned a lot from Whitney and Christina, although they do make me feel rather old and un-cool.

Escape Pod - Science fiction stories. Do I need to say anything else?

The Moth - This is always the first podcast I name when someone asks me for a recommendation. It's true stories, told by real people. Sometimes the people and stories are everyday tales, and sometimes they're incredibly amazing. I have a dream that someday I'm going to attend a live Moth event in NYC.

Pub Songs Podcast - It's all Irish/Celtic music, with a lot of geeky spoofed songs added in. It's wonderful. Plus Marc Gunn reminds me of one of my favorite cousins (Charlie) - I'm not sure why, but I think of Charlie every single time I listen to this podcast and it makes me smile.

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me - I just started listening to this podcast. It's a public radio call-in show that's very funny and very up-to-date. I also get a kick out of hearing the technical advisor for the show is Robert Newhouse. I know it's (probably) not one of my relatives, but I still get a kick thinking it might be.

Wine for Normal People - Everything I know about wine, I learned from Elizabeth.

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