Friday, May 11, 2012


I've recently become obsessed with an online game, Words with Friends. This is, of course, my children's fault. My two oldest have smart phones, and while my daughter was down visiting they were constantly checking their phone for moves. The two kids play against each other, against friends and co-workers, and even against total strangers.

The only real complaint I have about my children is that they don't call me often enough. (In fact, I had a little discussion about that with my oldest, explaining to her the immense fear and guilt I carry around with me that something horrible will happen to her and it will be weeks before I find out because not getting a phone call is normal.) Since the kids really seemed to like the game enough to play even with me, and since scrabble is one of my favorite board games, I decided to add the app to my Nook.

So far I've won two of the three games with my son. (And yes, I'm bragging about that.) The first game was played fast and furious. I was actually a little concerned with how quickly he would respond, because I knew he was at work. We've calmed down to just making three or four moves a day. There's been some memorable moments, such as his response when I texted him "Why are you still up so late?" after he had sent me a move at 12:15 am: "Who are you, my mother? Oh wait, you are." Mostly, though, I just enjoy the quick interaction with my son throughout the day as we add a word to the game.

With my daughter, the game is much slower. We're still battling the first round. Moves are deliberate, which is a nice way of saying it takes her a week to respond to me. Sigh. I content myself with the knowledge that her life is full, and she's busy researching words to play against me.

By the way, my youngest does not have a smart phone and claims that even if she did have one with the Words with Friends app, she knows better than to challenge mom to scrabble. Or Trivia. But she would be willing to play Dodge Ball or Volley Ball or just about any other "real" game against me.

In the past few days, I've expanded beyond my family.I've found friends online, and have been found by friends online, to play the game with. I have several games in process, which makes me feel like one of the popular geeks. I accept all challenges, so look me up. I'm sandrilene, or just find me on facebook.

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Paula L said...

i'll have to put the app back on my phone =D