Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Monkeys and sheep, with a mobius twist

I finished my monkey socks, and then promptly sent them home with Cari without ever getting a picture of them. Drats!

My next project was a lace mobius cowl. I didn't really want to knit a cowl, because really, what am I going to do with a cowl? (For those who don't know what a cowl is, it's basically a looped scarf.) But mom wanted to knit the pattern, and since the pattern involved a really cool cast-on method that I knew I'd have to help her with anyway, I decided to make it a knit-along project. I tried to talk Cari into casting one on as well, but that was too hard a sell. I found some really great yarn at Hobby Lobby and immediately fell in love with the project.

Well, maybe not so immediately. It took me almost a dozen attempts to cast on. Once I finally got it figured out, the knitting was great. I finished in just a couple of days (mom, meanwhile, never did catch on to the cast-on). I did my bind off, and discovered that the extra stitches I had added, thinking that the original number called for in the pattern was going to make the cowl too small for me to wear, ended up being a mistake. The cowl was just too big around and it looked ridiculous. So I pulled the entire thing out, and started over again. This time I cast on just the number called for in the pattern (taking only two attempts this time to get it right), and I reknit the entire cowl. It is a fun knit, so doing it the second wasn't a heartbreak. And it turned out to be beautiful. I'm going to have to buy a plain purple, or maybe just a black, t-shirt so that I can wear it to work. The lace gives it more of a collar or shawl look, rather than being a heavy scarf. And the yarn is so soft and pretty! Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten a picture of the finished project. But as soon as I do, I'll post it. For the record, the stretchy lace also means that you can get it on and off without messing up your hair. (This was Cari's big reason against knitting it.)

After the mobius, I started a lamb project using cotton yarn bought while we were at Hobby Lobby. I won't say who this is for, but it is a 12 month size. (Hint, hint.) I found the pattern in a book from the library called Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrt. What a wonderful book! I think I'm going to end up buying a copy of it. Besides the lambs, which I couldn't resist knitting, there are sweaters with cows, and ducks, and an elephant that will probably be my next project - they're all so cute! And color work is so much fun to knit. It really is a shame that so many of my relatives and friends with babies failed to send me pictures of their children in the things I've already knit for them. Luckily, there are still a number of babies I need to knit for, so I'm happy.

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