Saturday, May 19, 2012

The countdown has begun

First I overslept. (It wasn't my fault. I was up most of the night because my neighbors were having a very loud party. Which I didn't complain about because it's the first time since I've moved in that they've been noisy. And I know that they can't say the same about me.)

Then I spent the afternoon (if you count the afternoon as lasting from lunch until well after dinnertime) with mom. First we met up with the Stuart knitting group. Afterwards, we went for a "quick" shopping trip looking for supplies.

When I got home, I couldn't resist trying to hook up the Roku that my children sent me for Mother's Day. (There's a long story involved, but I received the package today.) Even though there is only four steps involved (plug the unit into the TV, plug it into the wall, put batteries in the remote, and turn on the TV), I wasn't able to my new Roku to work. For a long-time geeky nerd, I'm not very talented when it comes to the television. I still can only watch movies on the dvd when my daughter is home. (Which is why they bought me a Roku. Since I can handle the computer so well, they thought hooking my TV into the internet would solve my problem and I would finally be able to watch shows alone.)

Finally, having outlasted all possible distractions, I started preparations for Tuesday's luncheon.

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