Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday's WIPs

 A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had finished the Mobius Lace Cowl that mom and I were doing as a knit-along. I finally have a picture of it. The more I look at it, and fondle it, the more I like it. Originally I had intended to give it away, but it's mine. I need to get a plain tee-shirt so that I can wear it to work.

Mom still hasn't managed to get her's cast on properly. We're going to try to get together this weekend to work on it. But I will resist the temptation to cast on a second cowl.

 The baby sweater is coming along nicely. If, that is, you consider ripping out and re-knitting a front panel nice. But I only have one more sleeve to knit, then I get to start seaming all the tiny, little pieces together. And then I get to weave in all the ends. Sigh. I really hate finishing work. I just keep telling myself how adorable the finished sweater will be, and how cute the child will be in it. I've gotten some recent pictures and he's growing quickly so I really need to get this sweater together soon.

The other night I was really tired. You know when you get over-tired and you're too restless to go to bed, you can't manage to sit still, but you're just so out of it that it isn't worth attempting anything? So I pulled out the sock blanket and did a couple of squares. I've really neglected it this year. I hadn't made it a goal to do a square a day, and as a result I just haven't done any. But there are now 9 squares I can claim for the year.

I have a beautiful brass towel holder that doesn't fit in my tiny apartment bathroom that I've been storing in my patio closet because I love it too much to give it up. (I don't know why I'm so attached to the thing, but there you have it.) I decided to put it out in the living room, and I've got the blanket draped over the top in order to display it. Then I used a wonderful idea I found through pinteres and wound my little bits of sock yarn on clothespins. These are displayed in a basket on the bottom of the "Blanket Rack." I think it looks beautiful. It certainly adds color to the living room!

One thing that I did this week that I immediately regretted was to teach my cat to play with yarn. Honestly, I never thought she would pay any attention to my games. Missy is just about the laziest creature you'll ever find. She runs only to jump in your lap to be cuddled. Otherwise, she's content to use the power of her mind to get everyone to bring her whatever she wants. If something isn't within paws reach, she'll just ignore it. (Watching my daughter try to trick the cat into moving is hilarious!)

So I figured I would swing the ball of yarn past her, she'd bat it once, then ignore it as soon as it moved out of her reach. Nope. Missy has decided that yarn balls are the one game worth chasing after. Sigh. I have no one to blame but myself.

* ~ * ~ *
Blanket Update:
9 squares in 136 days

(Status: It's a good thing I decided against doing a square a day as a goal this year!)

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