Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I always have a quotation for everything, it saves original thinking. (Dorothy L Sayers)

I've been looking forward to talking about my progress this week. My Riva sweater is almost finished. I only have 763 stitches left, and then I get to seam up the sides. Of course, that stitch count includes 109 stitches that have to be picked up along the other armhole, so I'm not making any bets on how much longer it's going to take me. I really, really, really hate to pick up stitches.

I finished the Gypsy Monkey socks, and I totally love them. The color (Gypsy Rose) is beautiful, the yarn was wonderful to work with, and the pattern is definitely on my list of favorites.

As soon as I finished the Gypsy Monkeys, I cast on another pair of socks to carry around me. This time I'm doing them toe up, using one of my favorite "plain vanilla" patterns, Back to Basics. The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the Bright Spring pattern. I started them Saturday morning, and by the afternoon I had already turned the heels. I figure that a little bit of knitting time this evening, and I'll be wearing them to work tomorrow.

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