Monday, December 28, 2009

At times it is folly to hasten; at other times, to delay. The wise do everything in its proper time. (Ovid)

I've been working on a list of topics for the Spun in the Sun podcast, and I would really like to record a show in the next couple of days. But I'm not sure if I should or not.

Michelle and I started the podcast together. It was something we had both wanted to do, although she had taken it a step farther than I had at the time by getting the equipment necessary to record a show. From the start, we were able to merge our ideas really well. There were a few technical difficulties (she and I talk in different volumes, making it hard to edit properly), but I'm proud of the episodes we did. Plus it was a whole lot fun to do.

Unfortunately, since returning from our New York City adventure we've had problems getting together to record another episode. First it was my personal life -- my son's medical discharge and all the anxiety as I waited to see what would happen, and then the sudden move into an apartment when my landlord went into foreclosure on the townhouse we had lived in for three years. On top of that my student's mother died, leaving me to act as his temporary parent. Just as my life was settling down, Michelle and her fiance closed on their house. The new house required major renovations, and she's been spending all her time knee deep in sawdust and paint -- when she isn't at work or school, that is.

So with one thing and another, we've gone four months without publishing an episode of our podcast. Considering that we had only been "on air" for five months prior to our hiatus, this is not a good thing. We're pretty much going to have to woe listeners all over again.

So this is my dilemma. I now have the basic equipment to record and edit the podcast. I also have the time to record an episode. And we really need to put an episode out if we want to retain any credibility with our audience. BUT. I would rather not do it without Michelle. The thought of sitting and talking all by myself is terrifying, even though I know I'm capable of talking on and on for hours. (That's what I do for a living. Eh, I'm a teacher after all.) And more importantly, I don't want to leave Michelle out of it; I don't want to give her the impression that she isn't wanted or needed; I don't want her to feel that I'm trying to take over the show; and I don't want any bad feelings of any sort. If I do a solo episode, it would be strictly on a temporary basis. Because the show is definitely the two of us -- or the three of us if we can ever get Faith to talk up. (Faith is our third partner on the podcast, known as the silent spinner because she isn't ready to talk on the air yet. She's shy.)

I've left messages for Michelle, so hopefully I'll hear back soon. It's hard though, since her schedule is so wonky and mine just doesn't mesh at all with her's. And I'm not sure why I shared all this, since I usually keep Spun in the Sun separate from this blog. But this is what is occupying my mind, so I'm sharing. Suggestions and/or advice would be welcomed.

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Sandi said...

I finally caught up with Michelle, and I'm thrilled to announce that we have scheduled a recording session for early January. So there will be a new episode of Spun in the Sun the second week of January!