Sunday, March 02, 2008

There will always be knitting as long as there are two sticks and string. (unknown)

I finished Pat's Cable Ready Bag today. I wanted to be able to give it to her tomorrow at work. Only I just got a call that she's sick so I'll be opening the program by myself tomorrow. Oh well, she'll get it when she goes in on Tuesday. At least it's finished.

It's really much nicer than than Cari's Ready To Cable Bag. That one had been my favorite bag (well, along with the Lucy bag, which I'm not using right now only because it's not big enough to carry around the sock I'm working on) because it's so pretty and roomy. But the opening is difficult, so this time I got smart and didn't sew up the sides quite as high. I think this is going to make the bag so much nicer to use. I also lined it, which is very nice but definitely not something I enjoyed doing. Which is odd, considering I like to sew. Maybe it's because I was too lazy to take the sewing machine downstairs to the table, and ended up sewing the lining while sitting on the floor.

I've had a lot of knitting content on this blog lately, and I know that because of that I'm probably boring at least four of my five readers. (Hey, check out the stats -- I think there's been a few more people stumbling across this blog.) I'm thinking of adding categories to each post, so that readers could click just the subjects that they were interested in. Only, what in the world could I possibly be writing about that anyone is interested in? I'll just leave it up to you: If you want specific categories to track, tell me in a comment. Otherwise, I'll just go on rambling about whatever interests me as I write.

Speaking of interests, I've found a new podcast that I'm enjoying: Stash and Burn. It's another knitting podcast, hosted by Jenny and Nicole who are friends trying to support each other (and us!) in their quest to work through their yarn stash. I'm still trying to figure out how they ended up with such large stashes, although this weekend I discovered that my stash was much bigger than I had thought. (I had all the yarn except the laceweight needed for the eight sock patterns in Sock Madness, which did not stop me from getting more yarn specifically for the competition.) Jenny and Nicole are a lot of fun to listen to; and if I can't knit with them in person, it's nice to knit with them electronically.

I've also figured out how to listen to podcasts as I drive, which helps with the hour commute I'm now doing a couple of days a week. I really want to get a good player (maybe a Nano?) though, because the Dell Ditty drives me nuts. It's so hard to get to a specific file on it. When I'm driving I've got to just let it play whatever comes up, even if I've heard it before (which is what happened to me yesterday). But at least I figured out the Ditty enough to use it, so I'm happy.

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