Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm finished!

Well, it's over. I think I made it through this first round, but I won't be sure until the update the division listing later on. (It's too late/early to expect anyone to be doing that now.) I had planned on using my daughter for the model (the socks would have fit better, and the photo would have looked much nicer), but there is no way I can go wake her up right now.

It's been a very intense few days. To paraphrase Bethtoons on the Ravelry boards, panic started much too early this year. This was the easy pattern. So what am I going to do if I make it through to round 4 or 5?

I didn't even post my "I hate knitting, what am I doing this for?" stage, which occurred around 2 pm today. I was so tired of knitting, and so stressed that I swore I would break every knitting needle in the house, shred every bit of yarn, start wearing sandals so that we wouldn't need socks, and never even look at a sweater again. But then I took a break to do some work, and I decided that knitting was not invented as a form of torture after all.

And now that it's all over, and the socks are finished and look beautiful... I just want to get some sleep in the two hours I have before it's time to get ready for work.


Cari said...

You know, you could have called me when you finished after all. I was up this late finishing my scarf so that I could wear it today!

Like mother like daughter, I suppose.

Cari said...

P.S. They're really really beautiful.

Sandi said...

Glad you like them, since they're for you. I made it in the top 23. Plenty of time.

Beth said...

I'm just getting quoted all over the place LOL, your socks turned out great even if you had that brief moment of knitting hatred in the midst of it all.