Sunday, March 16, 2008

All night long...

I'm afraid to stop for any reason. I've gotten both legs done, and I have a definite rhythm to the pattern going. Remember back when I laughed about some of the women talking about taking their knitting to the bathroom during competition? Well, it doesn't sound like such a far-fetched idea anymore. There are now 8 completed socks in my division, and I have not idea where the others are in their knitting. I still have to do the heels and feet. I keep telling myself that this should be the easy part; after all, the heel is a garter edge heel flap which is my favorite heel to do. But I'll feel a lot better when I can report that the socks are done.

Notice the m&m's and Pepsi in the background of my progress picture. I swear that this is what is keep me going right now. (Knit a row, eat a chocolate. Finish a pattern repeat, take a drink.)

My kids have gone to bed, but my daughter has agreed that I can use her feet for modeling the socks if I get them finished during the night. (She actually agreed to doing this in the morning for me, but I figure that whenever I get done will be "morning.")

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