Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning. (Marlo Thomas)

This is my total beauty routine. It's not much, but I'm pretty faithful to it.
In fact, I won't leave the house without my moisturizer, foundation, and blush.
(The lipstick is mostly hit-or-miss; I have a terrible time remembering to put it on.)

I'm starting to get nervous about Sock Madness. As much as I want to say "Oh yeah; I knit socks competitively," I'm really not sure if I'm really up to the challenge. The women (I think men do this too, but I haven't read any comments from them yet) are all very serious about their knitting. They're talking about knitting a pair of socks in 24 hours of non-stop knitting. They skip meals to knit, and they even knit in the restroom! Truthfully, all of this sounds absolutely wonderful. But I wonder what the children are going to do when I'm in the middle of the Madness and totally knitzophrenic.

Oh well, I'm off to do a practice sock. I'm in training, you know...

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