Monday, February 18, 2008

You can't choose the ways in which you'll be tested. (Robert J. Sawyer)

I need some type of schedule for this blog. I really don't know how I'll manage to Blog 365 without one. Because I'm just sitting here trying to decide on what to write and I'm really not coming up with anything interesting. At least with a schedule, I've have a basic idea.

Schedules are a very necessary thing for me. I work best when faced with a deadline. Something that needs to be done this month is probably not going to get done; I'll run out of time. It's just too vague. And it leaves me far too much leeway. I can continue putting it off, trying to decide when sometime actually is, until the month is completely gone. But if you tell me something needs to be done by the 15th, I'll have it finished by the 14th.

I also am much more comfortable knowing what to expect every day. On Mondays I clean the kitchen, on Tuesdays the bathrooms. Without this schedule, I spend my time trying to decide which chore needs to be done the most without ever actually doing any work.

So I should probably come up with a list of what to expect every day on this blog. There are several really clever blog-days being done. There's the Sunday Seven (list seven things that you are thankful for, or that are important to you, from the past week); Wordless Wednesday (no words, just a picture that tells its own story);and Thursday Thirteen (a random, or not so random, list of thirteen statements). I know that there are more out there, but you get the idea.

The only trouble with coming up with a regular list of daily topics is knowing that I probably wouldn't stick to it. As much as I like having schedules, and as comforting as I find them to be, I'm really very good at ignoring rearranging them. Even though today was Monday and I should have cleaned the kitchen, that's now been penciled in for Friday and I worked on paperwork (Wednesday's task) instead.

Maybe I just need a list of clever ideas...

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