Friday, February 15, 2008

All phone calls are obscene. (Karen Elizabeth Gordon)

I received the phone call today that every parent dreads:
"This is your child's school. Don't worry, your daughter is okay now. But there's been an accident."
Trust me. No matter how many times you get this type of call, you're going to worry. And I speak from experience. So far, "don't worry, your child is okay" has translated into two broken bones, three skull fractures, and two fires in the classrooms.

Today's call was because my daughter's front tooth was chipped. It seems my daughter was using a megaphone, and another student knocked it into her face (purposely, although apparently he didn't think she would actually get hurt).

This could have been worse. And we were already talking about braces. This just means that she'll be getting them now, instead of later.

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