Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any. (Katharine Whitehorn)

My son was trying to talk me around to his way of thinking, and he pulled out all the usual moves. First he tried logic and reason, very methodically explaining why it was in my best interest to give him what he wanted. I didn't believe him, and countered that argument rather quickly.

So then he turned it around. Apparently giving him what he wanted would be a chance for me to help him build character, and it would assist him to learn and grow as a person. Yeah, well, I didn't buy that either.

The angry, pouting response came next. I guess he thought that he could either guilt me or scare me (I'm not sure which response he wanted) into giving in. Naturally, that didn't work. After all, I've lived through worse with him.

Finally, he tried the I-love-you-mom-and-I'm-your-favorite-son as he cuddled up (all 6'3" of him) on my lap. It would never have worked, except that while trying to get his lanky frame into position to hug me he accidentally trapped my face in his armpit.

Now, you're probably wondering why trapping my face in his armpit worked. It was because his younger sister walked in just then and blurted out: "No! I told you to kiss up to her, not to stink her out." It's almost impossible for me to say no in the middle of a fit of the giggles...


sean & kelly said...

I have 5 boys, I know exactly what you are talking about!!!!! Imiss you. mabe you don't believe that. you inspire me. BELIEVE THAT! I think about you, remember "back when". I wish things were different. You inspire me. Your a wonder. Your an awesome person. I love checking your site every now and then. I always look forward to it!

Sandi said...

It's always amazed me that you have five boys. I have enough to do, just keeping up with my three kids! Frankly, I think our family is pretty awesome, with all that we've been through and handled and yet we all continue to go on.

I wish things were different with us, too.

Thanks for stopping by. You're welcome anytime.

sean & kelly said...

I always figured with all your know how on this thing, you could tell when I'm visiting!!

Sandi said...

Unfortunately, I'm not THAT good. To be truthful, until recently (when I added the site meter at the bottom of the blog), I wasn't even sure if anybody ever read what I wrote outside of my oldest daughter, and sometimes my mom.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, knowing that I have an occasional reader. I'm becoming self-conscious about what I write. On the other hand, I'm trying to write things that are more interesting and less whiny, so that's a plus.

Now if I could figure out who the other people are that are in the site count...