Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting is heck! (Anon)

The first pattern in Sock Madness comes out today, and that's all I've been able to think about. I packed and repacked my knitting bag to bring to work with me today so that I'll be ready. I've got the yarn I finally decided on (the green Wildfoote), and the red yarn just in case I change my mind (again). I have all my needle cases, all of which have been relabelled (because I wouldn't want to grab the wrong sized dpn). I've double-checked my notions case, and the scissors, darning needle, and tape measure are all present and accounted for. I don't have any safety pins, but I'm trying real hard not to worry about that. After all, Walmart is only two blocks from my house and is open 24 hours, so I can always stop and pick them up when I take the kids home this afternoon. (If I need them before that, I have a box of paper clips in my desk drawer.)

Now if I could stop obsessively checking my email...

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