Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wednesday's WIPs are FO's

I finished the Summer Tea Shirt, and was even able to wear it to knit night. I'm the second one finished in our KAL, which is nice for a change. I usually get distracted by some new "oh, look, shiny!" project and my Knit A-Longs become Follow Behind Eventually.  I thought for sure that Paula would finish her sweater before me, but apparently she's the one that's been distracted by a new project. 

The sweater turned out even better than I had hoped. I did the waist shaping, and I was afraid that it would be too tight and cling in all the wrong places. Instead, I think the little bit of shaping makes it look much better on me. I would definitely knit this pattern again, even if it was one of the worst patterns I've ever had to follow.

I also finished the Baby Boy Bib, and I love the way it turned out. I sewed one side of the "collar" down, and put a snap on the other side instead using buttons that the pattern calls for. The pattern also used a button to add the tie, but I just seamed it into the top of the bib to keep things simple for the mom.

Funny story -- I posted this picture on facebook because I thought it turned out so cute, and I added a line about "Now I just need a baby boy to give it to..." I was just trying to be clever, so I guess the responses were my own fault. A couple of people gave me very serious suggestions on who to give the bib to. I wouldn't have minded if it had been a response of "that's so cute, I want it for my baby!" type of thing. But the comments were very seriously suggesting that maybe so-and-so might like it. For the record, I almost always have someone in mind when I knit something. If you compliment me enough, I may deem you Knit-Worthy and make one for you. However, suggesting that so-and-so might like it will not earn them - or you! - a designation of Knit-Worthy. Sorry.

I still have to finish the Hecate Shawl and the Minced Socks, but I think I'd rather glow in the reflected glory of the projects I actually finished a bit longer.

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