Thursday, August 01, 2013


I don't normally play video games, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, I'm really awful at them and it's just no fun to play a game you know you're going to lose. Secondly, I'm afraid that with my tendency to become obsessive if I did find a game I could play, I would become glued to the computer screen and never get anything else done.

But one of my friends convinced me to give Dots a try.  The game is very simple. There is grid of 36 colored dots. You connect the dots, using your finger to trace the path up, down, or sideways. My first attempt at playing the game was a disaster. Trying to figure out the rules, I wasted all of my special bonus moves. It turns out you don't get those back. (At least, I haven't figured out how to get them back yet.) But the game reminds me of a paper-and-pencil game that I played as a child (also called Dots), and I find myself going back to play it "just one more time."

To date, my highest score is 292. There are people ranked online with scores as high as 799, but they are either cheating or - more likely - have figured out how to use those bonus moves I wasted early on.

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