Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seacrest Scrub Natural Area

 I've passed the signs for Seacrest Scrub Natural Area on my way to church, and I finally decided to stop and take a look around. This park is located on Seacrest Boulevard in Boynton Beach. I didn't expect to find a 54-acre wilderness preservation area in the middle of a neighborhood near a growing business district. It was a very nice surprise. Once you start out on the trail, you can forget that you're even near civilization.

Although I didn't spot any of the gopher tortoises that the natural area is home to, I was able to enjoy the wonderful variety of native Florida plants that grow here. According to the pamphlet at the vistor's welcome board, "Many of the plants recorded at Seacrest Scrub are endemic to the Florida scrub ecosystem – they are found nowhere else. Endangered or threatened plants include large-flowered rosemary, pinweed, and giant wild pine."

This is definitely a place worth visiting again - when I have on shoes better suited to walking.

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