Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Socks and Shuttles!

I've made a tiny bit of progress this week on the Simple Skype socks. Both heels are done, and I'm working on the foot. I switched to magic loop, and it did make working on the heels easier. I switched because I kept dropping my dpn; my hands just weren't doing well this week and it was getting annoying crawling around on the ground looking for a tiny bamboo knitting needle when I was out in public. Although I'm getting used to sliding the stitches around the circular needle cable, I think I still prefer my dpns.

This was my big distraction this week. I saw a beautiful tatted bracelet on instagram, and decided to try making one (or three) for myself. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that simply liking an instagram picture does not allow you to go back and find it again. Next time I'll actually follow the photographer. On fortune's side, I did recognize the bracelet as looking like the center of bracelet pattern by Jane Eborall. So I've adapted Jane's pattern to make my bracelet.

(There was a tatted necklace on instagram that I liked, and I'm hoping I can either find it again or remember the design, because that was going to be my next project. I really wish apps came with instruction manuals!)

I still haven't found my tatting bag with all of my shuttles, so I had to buy some this weekend. The bracelet is split rings that are woven as you tat. The split ring gave me some problems initially. It's really awkward, especially with three dangling shuttles (you use the fourth to tat the ring). After about half a dozen rings, muscle memory kicked in and I could move along much quicker.


I actually finished the first bracelet. In the picture, it's the one on the right. (The one on the left is also tatted.) I love the clasp. It's a magnetic closure, so the bracelet is easy to get on and off. And if you look at it up close (sorry, I couldn't get a proper photo), there are etched butterflies. I've already started a second bracelet, this time in teal and white, for my mom.

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