Sunday, August 04, 2013

Everglades Holiday Park

My Aunt came down to Florida for a visit recently, and one of the things she had her heart set on doing was to go see the Gator Boys in the Everglades. She is a big fan of the show on Animal Planet. So my mom, my aunt, and I drove to Fort Lauderdale for a visit to Everglades Holiday Park. Naturally, the gator show was our first stop.

My Aunt was thrilled to meet Big Mike from the show. Mike admitted to to having a law degree, which is not a prerequisite to getting into the pit with the gators. I didn't ask what the prerequisites really are. As much as I would like to see my son  find an exciting career, I am very glad he has never expressed the desire to become a gator wrestler.

While at the park, we also took a ride on one of the air boats. I had expected one of the exciting, open-air, noisy boats that we've ridden before. This was a very comfortable cabin-type air boat. Our guide was terrific, and the scenery was amazing!

I have to admit that once again, Aunt Robin was right. The Gator Boy's Holiday Park in the Everglades was worth the trip.

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