Thursday, August 08, 2013

Finally, some activity

I got my very first Fitbit adjustment yesterday, and if I wasn't so exhausted I'd be ecstatic.

Do you remember the old Family Circle cartoons in the Sunday funny pages? Mom would send little Billie next door to borrow a cup of sugar, and the cartoon would show a dotted line that represented the long, rambling route Billie took all through the neighborhood -- over the fence, around the doghouse, through a puddle. I keep looking behind me for that dotted line, because I feel like I've become little Billie.

In an effort to exercise enough to get to beyond the level of Sedentary, I've been adding all sorts of little round-about additions whenever I go anywhere. If I need to go to the volunteer office, which is right next to my office, I might walk back and forth through all the pews on one side to the front of the church, then come back zigzagging through all the pews on the other side of the church. A trip to kitchen includes a lap (or two) around the fellowship hall. Even at home I will walk all the way through my apartment to get from one side of my two-step-wide kitchen to the other. These detours have gotten me closer to the magic 10,000 steps needed to be beyond sedentary, but it hasn't been quite enough.

Yesterday I stopped at the exercise trail in Palm Beach Gardens on my way to Knit Night, and I did a quick 2-mile walk. (Maybe it wasn't that quick, since it did take me almost an hour.) But it was enough, combined with the Little Billie detours, to give me 10,176 steps for the day. That was equal to an extra 15 exercise calories!

Yep. I walked ten thousand steps, or 4 1/2 miles, in order splurge on  4 M&M's. Sigh.

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