Friday, April 29, 2011

A new addiction. Or two.

I blame my mother.

My mom has always been a very practical, straight-forward person. For most of my life she has not only advocated, but has also demonstrated, a strong work ethic. Part of having a good work ethic was that work came first. Computer games, while mildly interesting, are something to be avoided because too many people get involved in playing them to the exclusion of doing their work.

I bought into this, and with the exception of solitaire (which I can play in the odd moments while my real work is loading and then easily stop when the computer is ready for me to work again) I have managed to avoid getting entangled in any of the games.

There was a brief period that I tried to get involved in Sim. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my Sims characters refused to do what I told them to and I soon decided that I did not need to play a game that so closely mimicked my experiences as a mother of teenagers.

Recently, my mom ever-so-casually mentioned that she had found a wonderful game. She even bragged about her high score. This was so out of character, that I had to check it out for myself.

It turns out that this game is very addicting. I'll start off telling myself that I'm only going to play one quick game and then get back to work. But it doesn't take long to play one game, so I might as well play another quick round. And then another, just to see if I can beat the previous scores. And the addiction is on.

At first, I was a little put off by the fact that you find this game on the AARP site. I mean, I have years (at least two!) before I'm old enough to legitimately browse around on this site. And really, can you really expect to find anything interesting on a site for (clears throat self-conciously) old people? Other than the Mohjongg game, of course.

Apparently you can. Because I have a new favorite thing:

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