Sunday, April 17, 2011

Edible Canvases

Lately, I've been fascinated with food blogs. Specifically, cupcake blogs. In my search for more cupcake ideas, I've started following cookie blogs as well. It's absolutely amazing what can be done with royal icing on a simple sugar cookie. So I decided that I absolutely had to give it a try.

I used the sugar cookie recipe from Glorious Treats. The recipe is wonderful. I did make the mistake of leaving the dough in the refrigerator overnight before rolling it out. I had to let it sit on the counter to warm up about 2 hours before I could work with it. (Too chilled, the dough just crumbles.) Also, it would probably be a good idea for me to buy a rolling pin before I make my next batch. I used a drinking glass, so the cookies were an uneven thickness. (Not to mention that I worried the whole time that the stupid glass was going to break!)

Glorious Treats also had a really good Royal Icing recipe (although I had to add more than the 6 tablespoons of water listed) and a tutorial on how to decorate the cookies. Another good source for decorating tutorials is Sweetopia.

I made polka-dot Easter Eggs.

And then I got adventurous and made fancy Easter eggs.

Then I got artistic and made butterflies. I really like the butterflies.

The cookies are almost too pretty to eat.


Sungopolis said...

Thanks for the linkies. I've been looking for a good sugar cookie recipe!

Sandi said...

The kids and I definitely approve of the linked cookie recipe. Enjoy!