Monday, April 25, 2011

Just say yes to one of the dresses. Please!

I went shopping with my daughter, and we came home with her prom dress. I had to promise I wouldn't post a picture of it until after the prom. But how about a couple of hints of how our shopping trip went:
Just as a word of advice, don't try to get a vote on which dress is the best one. After narrowing it down to five choices, the vote was 3.5 people liked dress A, 4 people liked dress B, 3.5 people liked dress C, 4 people liked dress D, and 4.5 people liked dress E. Which meant that she had to try on each dress again. And then text pictures to more friends to vote on. But at least we finally got it down to two choices.

So she tried on dress 1, then dress 2. Then we went back to dress 1. Then back to dress 2. Then to the food court to talk about it. Then back to try on dress 2 again. Then to try on dress 1 again. She tried on the dresses at least four times before I finally bribed a salesgirl into helping her make a choice. (I'll give you five dollars if you get my daughter to buy a dress in the next 15 minutes.)

I think my daughter is beautiful in the dress she finally choose.

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