Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a fruit, not a vegetable.

I actually have a favorite thing this week. It's my mom's cherry tomato plant. I am totally amazed at how well this plant is doing. I remember when it was a tiny, sickly looking thing that was totally overwhelmed by the pot she had it in.

Now just look at all the wonderful cherry tomatoes she has! The really cool part is that the plant is still producing more. I was able to pick a bowl full of yummy fruit (popping several right into my mouth), and there are still more that are almost ripe. Plus there is still a lot of blossoms that will eventually become fruit. It's amazing to me to see all the stages shown on just this one plant.

Mom's growing the tomato plant in a special hydroponic container. I'm not too terribly clear on how it all works, but it's something about having the roots suspended without soil. Her friends own a shop, EZ Grow Green, and they have a lot of truly amazing hydroponic gardening supplies. There is an indoor garden that I totally lust after. But for now, I'll just help mom harvest her tomatoes.

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