Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer

1.   I want to spend a lot more time outside, heat permitting! We had such a good time knitting in the park for WWKIP on the 15th, and I would like to go back to the park to just sit and knit and enjoy the outdoors.

2.  My aunt is down visiting, and it's the perfect excuse to do some "tourist" activities. I want to visit Bok Tower. We usually go in December so that we can also get in to the see the mansion decorated for the holidays. But just spending time in the garden would be wonderful.

3.  I also want to make a trip over to Sarasota. We could visit a couple of yarn shops, window shop in St. Armand's Circle, maybe even fish off the pier where I used to take the kids when they were little. Maybe I could borrow Josh for a few hours, now that we're back in touch.

4.  I want to bike more often. And take walks. In fact, I really want to get into the habit of doing either a hour-long bike ride or walk at least three days a week.

5.  I want to go to the beach. I haven't spent the day on the beach in a really long time, which doesn't make sense considering I live in Florida. Actually, I'm going to adjust this, and say that I want to spend a day at each of the local beaches: Jupiter Inlet, Riveria Beach, Boynton Beach, and Bathtub Reef near mom's house.

6.  Another activity I never do anymore, even though I have year-round access, is to go to the pool. So this summer, I want to get into the habit of going to the pool instead of sitting inside my tiny apartment.

7.  I want to garden this summer. My patio has been neglected lately, so I need to clean it up and get some plants. I want basil again, and mint, and some flowers.

8.  I want to warp (and then finish!) a rug for my kitchen and matching placemats for the table. Summer in Florida is hot, so even though I want to spend more time inside I know that I have to plan activities that take advantage of air conditioning!

9.  I want to barbeque. I like cooking on the grill, and even though I don't eat meat anymore I could still do some wonderful grilled veggies! (Hmmm, there is a grill at the pool...)

10.  I want to get my office cleaned out and organized. My boss takes a long vacation during the summer, and this would be a great time to finally get the job done.

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